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Weekly Photo Challenge – Twinkle Lights

Originally posted on Isadora Art and Photography:

Chandelier close-up.web

Twinkle Lights                                                 2014 ©photography by Isadora

Chandelier Twinkle.web

Twinkle Lights II                             2014 ©photography by Isadora

Weekly Photo Challenge – Twinkle


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Originally posted on Phil Lanoue Photography:

The great blue heron’s flair for the dramatic is well known. The one thing a blue heron never wants to be is ignored.

They often make loud comments to announce their arrival or departure, or for apparently no reason at all, at least not to us.

Great blue herons seem to be quite fond of making any type of display possible, at any time they might choose. Earlier this week we saw this great blue get himself in a totally all fluffed up state for reasons, once again, unknown to us.

But as long as he’s having a good time who are we to argue or question the reason why?

GBH Fluffed Up

GBH Fluffed Up

GBH Fluffed Up

GBH Fluffed Up

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Originally posted on Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY:

Today I have the second half of the year and lots of the photos that I have taken in the last six months.  It has been fantastic going back over the shots.

It is 12 months ago now that I really hurt my back and was unable to sit at the computer for a long time.  My back has improved and it was interesting to see that some fine art images were slowly creeping back in, as I was able to sit at the computer again. I am starting to get right back into editing my photos again and seeing what I can do.  Some of the challenges that people run have been good to get me back into it, I have enjoyed the push to get me to try some things again, which in turn has made me want to go and try some new work.  Plans are under…

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Originally posted on naomikko:


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Your Dreams~

Originally posted on Simple Pleasures:


“Throw your dreams into space like a kite,
and you do not know what it will bring back,
a new life,
a new friend,
a new love,
a new country.”

Anais Nin

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12/13/14 15:16:17



Originally posted on Lorrin Baker's Photo Blog:

_MG_7929 e[sm]

Watershops Pond – Springfield, MA



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Desert clouds blow thru...

Desert clouds blow thru…

109 455 548


Nature's artwork

Nature’s artwork

Caballona Dahlia echeveria Ebony heart of pink

Weekly Photo Challenge – Zig Zag

Originally posted on The numpty with a camera:

If I can get some new ones for this challenge I will be beside myself. It is a hard ask for me while my kids are on six weeks holiday to think straight never mind get my camera out for anything but them.  So these are from photo’s I have posted before in times gone by.  Kind of Zig Zag’ish… I hope.
Trust me though. The Red Arrows know how to zigzag.



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Originally posted on beeblu blog:


Exquisite Botanical Art – Ho Chi Minh Square

I missed last week’s photo challenge…
..and my 4th blog anniversary.

And because of M-R’s powers of suggestion, I got only as far as selecting three instead of the usual five photos for my list of favourites on the WPC theme.

Just as well I’m not OCD. :roll:

For more entries to this week’s photo challenge, see The Daily Post.

 Five Three standouts from this week

tea and paper

2812 Photography

Margaret-Rose Stringer

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Originally posted on Marsha Lee:

California mountain road contain numerous “hogbacks” as my friend, Darlene, calls the switchbacks on the way to Sequoia National Park. It turns out that those same kinds of roads exist on the Coastal Redwood Highway as well.  This park called Mystery Trees was about where our truck’s worn out transmission tired of lugging our new trailer. oregon trip 201320130915_0021138We rented a car and enjoyed the “break.”  Not only did the roads and the paths twist and turn, so did the trees, providing beauty and shade. oregon trip 201320130914_1105230R When we did get going again, the fog wanted us to slow down more than the zigzags. SFW Wildflower class20130420_93R These zigzags are closer to home – to anyone’s home.  I never tire of the zigzag shapes of tree branches.  These trees are in an educational property called Circle J Ranch owned by Tulare County Office of Education where I worked.  It is close to a tiny town called Springville, east of…

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