I am a sober, retired wife, momma, sister, auntie, g’ma who is Happy, Healthy, and In Love with my life, and with my amazing husband.

I love God, my recovery, my herd of amazing “sistas”, the fellowship, photography and each new day.  I love my family and the incredible friends I have made along my path.

Taking photos is my passion, staying sober is my journey, living an authentic life is my destination.

I have only been a WordPress blogger since August, and I am blown away at the talent and support I have received from my fellow bloggers.  I was taking photos with a point and shoot Olympus for years and purchased my Canon Eos this past year.  It sat in the box for months as I dreamed of learning how to use it.  I finally took one class and still felt a little intimidated about using it.  I had two friends who were bloggers and photographers and I read their blogs and coveted my own.  After my 66th birthday last January I made a vow to do the two things I longed for and feared the most:  I had my dental work done in August and I picked up my camera and started my blog on WordPress!  I haven’t look back since.

You, my friends, have been so kind.  I am reading your blogs and learning how to be a better photographer, but I have a lot to learn.  Some of you have incredible talent and I get such joy from your posts!  So thank you from a newbie who has great desires to learn more, pay attention more and share more.

I am incredibly grateful for your support!!!

So I continue to seek… with you by my side, and I hope to continue to make new friends along the way as I seek, see, and share…

Join me as I seek, won’t you?

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