Happy, Healthy and In Love!

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Insanity workout day 1 as we re-enter…

Here we go! Hubby and I made a commitment to re start the Insanity Workout after a hiatus of a few months. We did it for a year and even made it thru the Max burn workout series… where does the time go? It is too easy to break a “good habit”, like exercise with one excuse after another. I am saying this out loud because I want to make progress in my health regime. I am doing good with the eating portion, taking my daily supplements, and drinking quarts of water. Now I need to add this one important piece to my health puzzle. No excuses! No alibis! No denial! No procrastination! At least that is my vow for today! I will be reporting my progress daily, because saying it out loud affirms my efforts… Wish me luck, and anyone want to join me? Please post here if you are up for the challenge – I DARE YOU! xo P This is us on our starting date, hopefully our bodies will shrink with the Insanity Workout plan!!! LOL

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We are family…

family reunion next month… for the first time in decades my two brothers, sis and I will be together! Mom and Daddy will be watching from heaven. And I will be meeting dozens of family members that I have only seen photos of in the past. I am so excited to connect with my roots… the Dacanay/Decaney lineage that stretches out into the great USA will come together as a force to be celebrated!!!

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I love to laugh… and I have laughed to the point of cramps in my cheeks and tears running down my face while playing with my hubby. In our mid 60’s we still love to play hide and seek… We have to much to be joyful about! I have to say laughing is one of my favorite things to do. One. I have many. But remembering as a kid, the fun we used to have playing hide and seek until dark with our neighbors…. maybe that is why it is still so much fun. I miss my honey, but he will be home in a few hours… yay! Lot’s of work accomplished today with my friend Dani, thank you sweetie! My favorite meeting is in an hour, our sistas group in God’s kitchen, studying our second step, Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. Breathing, meditating, reading and sharing. A re-connection with my favorites. True grace. Remember to breathe… xo P

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heard in a meeting…

6.27.2012 Remember to breathe… Heard in a meeting, “there is one step on the wall that will kill you… (my heart jumped a beat for a second… what is he talking about? The steps are a way to live a new life, not to kill us…) but wait for it… he continued by saying, it is the one you don’t do!” This made sense. If I procrastinate in my search for the real me in my skin, I cannot afford to procrastinate! I can’t make my job, my relationship, money, bills, my kids or family or anything else more important than God and working the steps of my recovery program. The minute I put anything in front of my recovery (which God is the foundation of) I am setting myself up. Not just to be miserable, angry, resentful or discontent! This is the true fact for us… for me! I had to be willing to set all else aside and focus on changing my insides and how I act and react to the life I have been given. Then and only then can I find serenity and peace of mind… That’s why I go to meetings, and lots of them… to be reminded how I get to experience the grace of God, and to change my old behavior. because they say it is not old behavior if you are still doing it! So upon awakening this morning I rolled over on my knees and gave it all to God, as I understand Him… my will AND my life and got my butt to a meeting. I am centered, I am connected and I am free! Have a God filled day and keep breathin! ❤ P

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6.25.2012 Remember to breathe… as I reflect on the day to day grace that i have been given. I pause… and breathe in the light of God, which is sometimes hidden in the events of the day. If my tasks seem daunting, or challenging I can choose how to handle them: I can react to situations that used to baffle me or I can be grateful for the opportunity to use the tools that have been handed me. More often than not, after almost three decades of spiritual guidance and practice… I choose the gratitude… Once in a while I forget all that I have been taught and react as a person I no longer recognize! Thank God those relapses in my spirituality don’t last long because they don’t “fit” any longer. so I remember to breathe in God’s will for me, and breathe out love. So far, today is a good breathing day. and for that I am grateful xo P