Listening to that still small voice…

For years, actually decades I have learned to trust that still small voice within. I know it is my God whispering in my ear. I don’t need God to shout at me very often, whispering is enough. But that was not the way it was for the first almost four decades of my life. My addictions to just about everything that would allow my to “numb” my feelings had a hold of my spirit and would not let go! My God was suffering from a case of laryngitis from screaming at me… in vain! The road from there to here has been a long and winding road… lots of hills and valleys that I had trudged, with love and support from my life coaches. I became willing to learn, take direction, work HARD and swallow my pride and ego. Reflection comes easy to those of us who don’t need to deny our pasts, for it is the grace that we get to pass on… So reflect I will… And for now the little voice is purrrrrring…. contented, happy, joyous and free! as I “remember to breathe…” I am breathing in and out the life of God and remembering God Is My Only Source.

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