“You can’t cross a sea …

“You can’t cross a sea by merely
staring into the water.”
Rabindranath Tagore

For weeks I read my friends Linda and Jennifer’s blogs, admiring the insight, wisdom and grace of their postings.  The photographs that captured the essence of their travels, hiking together and individually.

I wanted what they had, but had fear as to how to do it.

I have been taking photographs for over 40 years (with either film, instamatic, or point and shoot cameras), of friends, family and special occasions… got my first a Olympus digital camera and used it for vacations and birthday parties.

My second Olympus digital camera was more challenging and I only tried it off the automatic mode a few times, experimenting, too complex for me to figure out by reading the manual.  Felt like I got in the rowboat and stepped off the shore… had been using it for landscape photos mostly but it was not a natural fit for me.  I bought it off a photographer friend who wanted to newer Nikon, and now I know why he sold it.  He is really good and is a professional and could use all the features. Last year I took a dslr class and purchased my present Canon T3. I really like the camera and want to take more classes because I love the one on one instruction, and being a visual person anyway, you show me and I seem to retain info better.

I take photos, almost daily with my little iPhone, and I am constantly looking into the heavens, that is where my attention lies.  The cloud formations excite me.  The light reflections, the shadows, the images that are created for seconds and then dissolve if you don’t shoot them as is, and hope for the best.

My goal is to use my dslr more and experiment with the lessons I am learning from some amazing blogs and teachers that I admire on their blogs.  I have been introduced to a few of you right here on my blog by simply liking or commenting on my simple posts. I check out your portfolios and am amazed at the talent and wealth of information available to me, and us.

Today I feel like I am crossing the sea with you, my fellow passengers on board this ocean liner called WordPress.

I am grateful for your input, and actually feel honored when I look at your sites, that you take the time to say hi, by clicking once before sailing on…

I am a tiny passenger, but I am a passenger, not staring at the water from the shore of ambivalence.  The passenger list is filled with celebrities I have met and have yet to meet.  Come say hi if you have a second.  I would really love that.

2 thoughts on ““You can’t cross a sea …

    1. I was so excited to be here I kinda suffered from trying to entice people to my site.
      I realize, from the friends I have made to slow down and use it as a learning tool.
      I have been offered so much information… want to digest it one tiny bit at a time.
      Thanks Charlie, have a great day!


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