Spent the day moving… (yawn!)


My husband and I finished the move from the rented condo to the home we own in Borrego Springs.  Our tenant moved out last month and it didn’t make sense to rent the condo any longer.

We lived in our home back in 1994-1997 before we moved to Palm Desert… and have leased it to others since then.  It is a three bedroom, two bath and he was living in a one bedroom condo for a few months… now he has a garage to tinker in, and lots of room to roam about.

I go to stay there once a week for a day or two… but we maintain our full time residence in P.D.

We are blessed to have choices.

I miss him being home every night, but we are grateful for the awesome job he has as the QA/QC manager for a 200 acre solar project.

I will go back to Borrego tomorrow to meet with Larry the Cable Guy, just kidding, don’t know his name LOL.

Taking my camera tomorrow so I can take some photos for my challenge.

Missed a day and look forward to getting back on the horse tomorrow.


His RumbleBee on the job site.


You can see the posts that will hold the Solar arrays in a line thru the fence… thousands of them!!! 200 acres worth!


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