As Jake says:  

Surroundings are the area around a given physical or geographical point or place. The exact definition depends on the field. The external circumstances, conditions, and objects that affect existence and development; the environment. Hope this explanation and example of our topic for the week will give you much Inspiration for the challenge ,Sure you can find some interesting photo and Article. HAPPY SUNDAY POST.



Playing with a friend, snapping pictures in the desert where we live, laughing, dancing and enjoying the God given playground that surrounds us was a blast!!!  Happy, Joyous and Free are we~



Even the arid desert and nearby mountains welcomed us to play among them!


We even found some brand new growth sprouting up in the dirt, sand and decay… which ties in another WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal 🙂

Check out Jakes site for many other examples of our Surroundings!

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