Skate down a roller coaster!



July, 21 2009 – Dirk Auer became the first person ever to roller skate down a roller coaster (Mammoth roller coaster) at the Trips Drill Theme Park in Stuttgart, Germany. It took Dirk just 60 seconds to skate down the 860 metre track, reaching speeds of 56 mph. He spent 2 years planning and months of training to be able to pull off this stunt . Which he has also admiitted that he came very close t

o calling this stunt off due to many dangers to his life in this stunt . Dirk also holds the record for reaching the fastest speeds on roller skates by reaching speeds of 190 mph, as he was dragged along behind a Porsche GT2.
If any wish to see the video of Dirt skating down the roller coaster please click on this link

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