Sunday Post: Christmas

Christmas Miracle in the desert

This year my friends and I decided to adopt a family of five children and their grandparents for Christmas.  Their moms abandoned their kids and the baby, Matthew, four months old was born addicted to drugs. The other four children, Vincent, 9, Marisa 7, Maribel 6 and Isiah 4’s mom simply gave them up.  Marie and Frank decided to take them in last year and they haven’t been able to pay their utilities, and have made payments on their light bill to keep them on.  They could only afford to purchase one gift for the kids to share so they put a trampoline in layaway for Christmas.

My friend Laura told us about this family, she works with Marie, and who is the bread winner for the family and Frank stays home with the children.  Both Marie and Frank are diabetic, but have hearts of gold.

We started collecting clothing, gifts and money for this family and this is my garage with the donations of loving friends, who have never met this family:


I got to meet the children this week, and I gave them one bag of toys for the boys and baby dolls, to the girls… you would have thought they won the lottery:


This is my friend Laura on the left who introduced our “family to Marie and Frank and their beautiful grandbabies:


and here is Frank who cares for the children when Marie is hard at work… He told me he knew God was one of the reasons that we were helping them because they have been struggling for a year, since they took in their grandchildren… his eyes welled up and I told Him we knew God had a hand in this miracle, and that they had friends who cared about them and they were not alone!


I told the kids that I spoke to Santa and he had a very big delivery for them on Christmas morning and their eyes lit up!  We wrapped the whole garage full of gifts for each of these precious children and Marie and Laura picked them all up in their van and another vehicle.  As Marie’s eyes welled up she said “Who are these people?”  We gave her $725 dollars and she is able to pay off her light bill, pick up the trampoline, and know that we are going to support them in the future, even with $10 or $20 for milk and to make sure their lights don’t ever go dark…


This is the best Christmas of my life!!! Not one gift around our tree, but the tears of gratitude are flowing as one of our donors 4 year old boy picked out all of his favorite toys to give these children and that night when he said his prayers he said… “God please watch over my new little friends so they may have a very Merry Christmas!!!”  omg

7 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Christmas

  1. What an amazing story Patricia. What you have all done for this family is truly what Christmas is all about. You made my heart soar with this – thank you !!!!!!!
    .•*¨*•.♪♫♫♪Wishing you a safe and very Happy Holidays.♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸


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