Liebster Award




Many thanks to J. E. Latimer (  for the nomination!

This Liebster Award requires me to answer ten questions and then pass the award onto ten bloggers…

*The Questions:

1] Do you now, or have you ever played a musical instrument?

—–I played the piano as a child, and learned to play the drums by watching a drummer play for many years.  Had my own drum kit and loved to play the “blues”.

2] Do you sing in the shower?

—–Yes, but more often in the car.

3] Who are some of your favorite musicians?  (Individuals and/or Bands)

—–I listen to all kinds of music, smooth jazz, country, rock and roll, rockabilly, zen, and get inspired by all types of music.  All over the map as long as the rhythmn moves me!

4] How do you celebrate New Year’s?

—–For almost 30 years I have been alcohol free, so my husband and I choose to spend the time with intimate friends or in front of the fireplace watching Cirque du Soleil.

5] Do you remember keeping any of your New Year’s resolutions?

—–Don’t make New Year’s resolutions, I live one day at a time and do the best that I can each day.

6] What is your favorite party food – to serve or to eat?

—–Fresh )organic) veggies and dips

7] Do you have a sweet tooth?  What are some of your favorites?

—–Not much any more, I am a reformed and recovering Chocloholic… prefer fruit these days!

8] What is your favorite kitchen tool, and why?

—–My cleaver, cuz I chop veggies constantly!

9] What has blogging taught you this year?

—–That people truly do care and want to support others in their creativity.  I love the friends I have made the past five months since I started blogging, I am learning so much and being stimulated in amazing ways to be a better photographer!

10] What are your blogging goals for 2013?

—–To become a better photographer.

*The Nominees [In no particular order]:

  3. hovercraftdoggy
  4. Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve
  5. jakesprinter
  6. Jenquest
  7. fotograffer


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