Happy, Healthy and In Love!

Travel Theme: Gaudy


Gaudy is good!



yellow submarine bathroom



bright shutters in Singapore, beautiful or gaudy?



Rio de Jan. Brazil, gaudy or just whimsical?



gorgeous dragonfly or gaudy creature? You decide…

Author: patriciaddrury

Happy, Healthy and in Love! I love my life and all God has in store... one breath, one photo at a time! I am blessed beyond belief. Namaste!

4 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Gaudy

  1. Wow, all so beautiful! I want that bathtub, and can’t get over the colors on the buildings. But the dragonfly – stunning.

  2. I remember seeing that building in Singapore and wondering what the heck it was. Lots of great architecture in that city and it still managed to stick out.

  3. “Full speed ahead Captain, full speed”
    What fine colors. Thanks

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