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Woke up this morning and remembered that today is my first Crossfit training session with Keli Marie. I am excited and ready to commit! I need this now more than ever. Turning 67 has reminded me that my body is no longer a fine tuned fighting machine like when I was training daily. My muscle tone has taken a vacation to the Bahamas I think. I am eating pretty healthy, but if healthy food doesn’t digest properly it gets stuck in the elevator and does funny things to my skin… it pooches and sags and oh my! I have become my mother… and love her dearly as I did, my body is longing for the firm, lean lines it once had. I am saying this out loud, even on Face book because I don’t want to forget why I made a commitment to my trainer. For Me!!! Wish me luck. I will be sharing my trudge with my friends. I need the support of others who are on the same journey as me. Not only spiritually, but physically as well. Three hours and seven minutes and if you don’t hear from me later, call 911.

4 thoughts on “Crossfit Blog

  1. I started crossfit 8 months ago after I turned 49! I love it!! I look forward to reading about your experiences! 🙂


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