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All Fluffed Up And No Place To Go

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Phil Lanoue Photography

The great blue heron’s flair for the dramatic is well known. The one thing a blue heron never wants to be is ignored.

They often make loud comments to announce their arrival or departure, or for apparently no reason at all, at least not to us.

Great blue herons seem to be quite fond of making any type of display possible, at any time they might choose. Earlier this week we saw this great blue get himself in a totally all fluffed up state for reasons, once again, unknown to us.

But as long as he’s having a good time who are we to argue or question the reason why?

GBH Fluffed Up

GBH Fluffed Up

GBH Fluffed Up

GBH Fluffed Up

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Author: patriciaddrury

Happy, Healthy and in Love! I love my life... one breath, one photo at a time! I am blessed beyond belief. Namaste!

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