Soulful Sunday

Good morning on this soulful Sunday… ๐Ÿ’Ž

Do you see what I see?

Starting out my day with a fresh brew in time for contemplation under coming week. Remembering the days of living in Palm Desert and the amazing sunrises and sunsets which were the subject of my photography for years I found these photos …I adored ย the shadows that were cast on the desertscape below and the prism of colors in the clouds… some of my favorite subjects on this earth


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So a little bit about me…

So here I am thinking about what to say in my first #blog post because this is been a photography blog as a couple of you may have noticed. I have been spending more time on #Instagram because it’s quicker easier to post and there a lot of tags for me to choose from rather than coming up with my own and I love to take pictures and share them. However I have noticed that not too many people here on my WP page are interested in just looking at photos without a story behind them.

All I want to say is I favor nature/landscape shots mostly #sunrises and #sunsets because I love the shadows that are created and #macro photography. I love looking close & seeing tiny details and since I need glasses to do so, my Camera lens allow me to get in close and see the details I would normally miss.

This is an experiment on my part to see if I can generate more interest with the spoken word as well as a photo so let me know what you think…I’ll be listening. See you around. P.