So a little bit about me…

So here I am thinking about what to say in my first #blog post because this is been a photography blog as a couple of you may have noticed. I have been spending more time on #Instagram because it’s quicker easier to post and there a lot of tags for me to choose from rather than coming up with my own and I love to take pictures and share them. However I have noticed that not too many people here on my WP page are interested in just looking at photos without a story behind them.

All I want to say is I favor nature/landscape shots mostly #sunrises and #sunsets because I love the shadows that are created and #macro photography. I love looking close & seeing tiny details and since I need glasses to do so, my Camera lens allow me to get in close and see the details I would normally miss.

This is an experiment on my part to see if I can generate more interest with the spoken word as well as a photo so let me know what you think…I’ll be listening. See you around. P.

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