Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far – Reflections!


he awesomeness of the morning light, as I try to capture the brilliance as it is captivating me!

Mother Nature provides me with the most incredible Kaleidoscope that works itself, moment by moment as the Sun God wakes up in the early morning.

These photos are all taken as reflections off my car windows… I had fun with this one, please join me.  Also fits for the  Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far, and Postaday.

So all of my goals have been met today… Yay!!!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far


Desert landscape (desertscape) is exciting to me.  The morning sunrises are spectacular in my neighborhood.  I only need to walk three steps out my front door for the most glorious lightshow’s on a daily basis.

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far, Post A Day 2012, have been my goals and today I just submitted my first two photos.  Wasn’t even very scary, actually.

So many fantastic role models on WordPress.com,  I am growing as an amateur photographer, and my fears are subsiding as I Walk Through My Fears, each day.

P’s Practice pics 9.8.12 part 6


Have been out of town this week so I got busy this morning and “Walked through my fears” with my little Canon T3 and my 50mm lens… just the three of us watched the sun play on the horizon and in my neighborhood… dancing light of the sunrise, magnifying the grace of God!  I am really loving this path of enlightenment.  Going out to see what I can see… won’t you join me?  I feel like a kid in a candy store… and it has been a long time coming…

Thanks to those of you who take the time to send me a word of encouragement, it really means a lot!


This is the first group of five I took… more to come…