Living desert hillside youngster 9.16.20

This young big horn sheep was as curious about me as I was with him. From a distance he blended into the hillside but was magnificent in his surroundings. The Living Desert in Palm Desert, CA has so many interesting creatures to enjoy…

Suculent stickler 9.15.20

Not a very glamorous macro, but I love the shadows created by the spines of this cactus… they don’t seem so daunting until you accidentally brush against them unaware of the power of their sting… be afraid, be very afraid!

A flower by any other name? 9.14.20

Believe it or not this beautiful blossom is not growing on a tropical island nor in a botanical garden. This is one I found growing in the desert in Southern California! Can anyone identify it for me?

bloom graveyard 9.11.20

Most would not take a second glance at this insignificant bloom lying in the rocks, but I am not as discerning as most perhaps… I spot a little color among the stones and my eye goes, ooooh… look at that! Am I a wierdo? I think not!