We still have sore cheeks from laughing!

More sore cheeks!

Hilarious!!! We love to dress up and have the cheeks to prove it!

Since we have been playmates for almost 24 years we have invented new ways to have fun… like I mentioned previously, we play hide and seek with each other.

I have to confess that sometimes I have to hold myself still and stifle my giggles when it takes him longer than usual to find me… and I do have some favorite hiding places but I can’t give them away just yet.

Try it once when your hubby or wife or playmate comes home expecting to find you at the stove, sofa or in bed… but beware if they have heart problems… it can be quite explosive and funny…

You too can post about your “sore cheeks” episode… I would love to hear!

I have sore cheeks from laughing!

We laugh a lot. That’s for sure. Sure beats the alternative, doesn’t it?Betty White

My hubby and I love to dress up every Halloween!

We still play hide and go seek with one another!

Laughing and playing keeps us young and even in our 60’s we love to have fun!!!

Happy, Healthy and In Love… that’s us today, and every day. ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh, by the way… that’s me on the right and my hero on the left ;D