Travel theme: Foliage


Thanks Ailsa for the invitation to take part in this weekely Travel celebration!  I had just read your post before the invite and it is fascinating to me.

I have a few of my favorite “leafy pics” I would like to share from the desert perspective.  Many of you have never traveled to the desert areas of Southern California, so I am giving you a tiny tour of the desertscape, as I like to call it.  Very different from the Northwestern conifers that I grew up with in Seattle, Washington, or the deciduous colorful falls in Athens, Ohio, where I lived over 35 years ago.  But I have grown to love my home and the desert environment I live in.  I hope you enjoy this little mini tour:

As little water is required in my yard since we planted vegetation that are eco friendly and require minimal moisture to thrive…

My Sago palm in my front yard in Palm Desert, CA.



and a few steps a away the tiny leaves of this Ocotillo show some tiny bugs trying to infest the plant, but we addressed their presence before they could do so 😉  The Ocotillo blooms when it rains, even a little bit…



and right next to the Ocotillo my this Agave is spreading like wildfire, we have to cut it back constantly from the bottom up…


and not far away is another agave type plant that is seeding right now…

In the backyard is this wispy little guy, not sure what it is called but it is varigated in color and interesting to look at~



And of course, my two favorite palm trees that stand guard over all of these, from their lofty perches.  I don’t have a close up of their foliage on hand but from a distance, they are still most regal:




At a local park, Cahuilla Park,  I  see a bigger variety of trees and plants which are just a couple of miles from my home in Palm Desert:




So without having to drive more than 10 minutes I get a variety of foliage in all shapes, textures and sizes… and for that I am very grateful!

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