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How to Remove Hair From a Rug in Minutes

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I have been doing this little tip for many years, but have not shared it on Chemistry Cachet yet!

Most things we share on our site are all about Chemistry…this is not quite like that, but it is such a fantastic hack to know!

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely HATE when I step out of the shower onto my cozy bathroom rug and feel HAIR on my feet. It is probably my biggest pet peeve!

Most women shed hair when we blow dry or brush our hair, so you will always find it on the floor. Soft fluffy rugs seem to catch all the hair too! Over the years, I have tried all types of methods to get hair out. You’d think vacuuming would do it, but even the expensive, high powered vacuums can’t quite get that deep embedded hair.

What You Need:

Handheld Squeegee

Here’s What You Do:

Simply use the squeegee on your rug just like you would use it on a window! As You start moving down the rug, use short quick strokes. Next thing you know, it will bring the hair down with it! Sometimes, you don’t even realize how much hair is in your rug until you do this! It will ball up any hair left on your rugs!

After this, make sure to vacuum well!