Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far- My twin palms


My twin palms located in my front yard are my favorite subjects.  They seem to change personalities with the light and shadows of the day.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far – Reflections!


he awesomeness of the morning light, as I try to capture the brilliance as it is captivating me!

Mother Nature provides me with the most incredible Kaleidoscope that works itself, moment by moment as the Sun God wakes up in the early morning.

These photos are all taken as reflections off my car windows… I had fun with this one, please join me.  Also fits for the  Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far, and Postaday.

So all of my goals have been met today… Yay!!!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far Borrego Springs


Every sunrise and sunset reflects amazing colors off the mountains throughout the Anza Borrego Desert, our second home.  The views are incredible!  Near and Far!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far Borrego Springs, Anza Borrego Desert, CA