a couple of doves

a couple of doves

I don’t know the story of these two doves, but they seemed very intent in communicating something to me. I don’t know why I looked up in this tree, I was busy shooting the roots and the bark below.
Call it intuition, but while I was taking a pic of the trunk and then the branch they were sitting next to, there they were. Unintimidated by me!

Desert brush and blooms



Colorful brush, cactus, are alive and well in the desert in Palm Desert, California! Β The hiking trails have more colors than you would think with the minimal amount of precipitation that falls in the desert.

Hiking on the desert floor…


Nature hike in Palm Desert on the Robert Smith trail was more enjoying than I thought it could be.

So much desertscape (of various shapes, sizes and textures) and scenery, and we only covered a very small part of the trail. Β Did some finger art in the sand for fun…

Got so many good photos that I will be posting in a series.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Living At the Street Fair

College of the Desert (COD) in Palm Desert holds this neighborhood street fair every weekend, this is a slow day but the strawberry watermelon smoothie was the best! Sunshine, mountain views, music, food, shopping and people watching!


Headless at the Fair
Shade of all shapes



Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life On the job

On the job site in Borrego Springs. Β My hubby (in hard hat)… working at the new solar sight. This sight is about 200 acres of solar panels being installed for use by SDG&E by his company.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far Road to Borrego


Road to Borrego Springs

Highway leading into Borrego Springs, California