Succulents 1,2,3 and 4

Today’s photos turned out to be taken in my front yard and my next door neighbors.  Being desert dwellers we both have a few cactus of different varieties… they are great for water conservation, since they need only a drip system to quench their thirst.  Did I mention my water bill us always under $10 a month?  For the whole house and the garden drip system.  In the desert, that is saying a lot!

Here are a few of my friends… up close and personal, you might say.  Don’t stand too close, you may get pricked 😉


same cloudy day


these were taken on the same day as tangerine clouds with my little iPhone4… I am a cloud-a-holic, in case you haven’t noticed on my blog.  80% of my photos are taken of clouds and I live in Palm Desert where it doesn’t rain much all year long.  However, Mother Nature provides me with the most incredible sunrises and sunsets as the clouds blow in and out of the desert, without weeping on our arid desert floor.ImageImageImageng ImageImage


moon set


moon set

These palms seem to be waving goodbye to the moon as it prepares to set in the distance. I swear, one brave frond sprout looks like a telescope that enables the tree to see better above the others. Or is it just my imagination?