I have danced since I could walk… I can’t help it!

Image I

If it looks like I am the only person on the dance floor it is an illusion, there is one young girl who has the same bug I do.  We danced and twirled to the dj a few weeks ago as other adults stood in the shadows, at the door and at their tables wondering who this grown senior citizen was gettin down like there was no tomorrow.

I don’t give a hoot…

I finally realize that I am able to dance as if no one is watching.

If you don’t know how many steps it took to get in my shoes, feeling unafraid… it took decades!

If you do know how many steps it took, you are either a really healthy person or you are in a 12 step program like me and have done lots of work on yourself.

Either way… we are truly blessed to be free.

Gotta go, hear my favorite song!!!!

We still have sore cheeks from laughing!

More sore cheeks!

Hilarious!!! We love to dress up and have the cheeks to prove it!

Since we have been playmates for almost 24 years we have invented new ways to have fun… like I mentioned previously, we play hide and seek with each other.

I have to confess that sometimes I have to hold myself still and stifle my giggles when it takes him longer than usual to find me… and I do have some favorite hiding places but I can’t give them away just yet.

Try it once when your hubby or wife or playmate comes home expecting to find you at the stove, sofa or in bed… but beware if they have heart problems… it can be quite explosive and funny…

You too can post about your “sore cheeks” episode… I would love to hear!