Can you see through the thicket? 10.12.20

Sometimes thorns can be so menacing yet beautiful in a hardy natural way…

These thorns provide protection while standing guard along the fleshy skin of it’s master… beware!

Barrel in a cage 9.29.20

Often times Mother Nature takes it upon herself to build natural barriers for her creations. It is interesting to watch how each of them adapt… their flexibility is incredible as the bends and twists occur as needed.

Look closely… cautiously…9.28.20

Come closer, but don’t let the spines grab you. If you peer into the fleshy skin of this cactus you see the lush green underbelly and the baby spines fighting to burst forth into existence. I want to touch but think I may not…

Suculent stickler 9.15.20

Not a very glamorous macro, but I love the shadows created by the spines of this cactus… they don’t seem so daunting until you accidentally brush against them unaware of the power of their sting… be afraid, be very afraid!