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Jan 1.2013 Looking back with gratitude, forward with hope…


Jan 1, 2013 early morning sunrise with iPhone

As I look back at the past year I realize I have taken some pretty big strides toward my “bucket list”… I only call it that because everyone knows what that is.

  • I vowed to pick up my camera and start taking pictures, check!
  • I vowed to start posting to a blog daily to share my favorite photos, and thoughts, check!
  • I vowed to be of service to others by carrying the message, check!
  • I vowed to re-connect with my long lost siblings after almost 40 years, check!
  • I vowed to step out of my comfort zone by setting up a family Facebook page, check!

Now here it is 2013 and I am pondering how I want to grow this year.

  • I want to master the use of my camera and not count on blind ass luck
  • I want to exercise more
  • I want to creatively collaborate with my friend to start a new secret artistic project (we are sworn to secrecy until we choose our method)
  • I want to rewrite my children’s book

That’s a good start, and as the year progresses I know my list will evolve.

For me saying out loud what my heart is feeling is the beginning of the manifestation of dreams.

Look out 2013… here I come!

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twigs, seeds and leaves

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My Cahuilla Park adventure provided more fodder for my visual journey.I am learning how to take pictures with my Canon EOS and SEE what I can SEE, as my friend Linda always says… the best advice I have ever gotten from a photographer who was one of my first inspirations.

Her blog has inspired me before i knew what a blog was. Thank you Linda and Jennifer Clark, who I follow as well, for your support!

Sepia sunrise dos

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Sepia sunrise dos

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Hiking on the desert floor…


Nature hike in Palm Desert on the Robert Smith trail was more enjoying than I thought it could be.

So much desertscape (of various shapes, sizes and textures) and scenery, and we only covered a very small part of the trail.  Did some finger art in the sand for fun…

Got so many good photos that I will be posting in a series.!/read/topic/post-a-day/ 

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sneaking up on the bush


Found this fresh new life in the middle of the arid desert


Mother Nature is amazing and just goes to prove life is around us, even when the odds are against it.  Loving the desert and the abundance it has in store.



Jewels of the desert via iPhone


Today’s been a great day all around, finally got to download my nature hike pics from my iPhone.  Like some of them a lot.  Thank you God for the jewels I got to bring home with me… I am truly grateful to be so lucky!

Taken with Camera +.  What do you think?  Any input for me?



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Jewels of the desert…part one

Taken this morning, hot off the press… so excited about this day… walking through my fears, with JOY!


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Going for a hike…. be back later


This was at Lake Powell, I am hiking in Palm Desert with camera and friend Katie as my guide… c’iao!

This is the southwestern portion of Lake Powel...

This is the southwestern portion of Lake Powell, which lies in Arizona. The back of Glen Canyon dam can be seen to the right in this image. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life On the job

On the job site in Borrego Springs.  My hubby (in hard hat)… working at the new solar sight. This sight is about 200 acres of solar panels being installed for use by SDG&E by his company.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far Road to Borrego



Road to Borrego Springs

Highway leading into Borrego Springs, California