Momma Nature

I love the natural beauty I can enjoy by simply looking up.

7 thoughts on “Momma Nature

    1. G-ma, I’m a friend of Jennifer’s. She is on my heart all the time – her smile, her candor, and her beautiful spirit inside and out. I am praying for her every day, asking that the Grace of God be poured upon her and all of those in the LA area. And I would love to connect with you (if that’s ok with you) in praying together for our girl and that region. You can find me here on wordpress and/or email me directly @: ~ Heard so many great things about you. Jennifer put me in contact with you here and said you like penpals… well, so do I! And wouldn’t it be awesome to connect through her, for her, to the Glory of God the Father who loves us all so deeply? Extending that Love to you today with gratitude for you in this world. ๐Ÿ™‚ tried your work and doesn’t work


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