Get off my lazy butt!

I’m feeling a little lethargic and bloated today… but I did go to the gym at 5am this morning!

So instead of waiting until I gain five pounds I am eating salads, drinking grapefruit juice, carrot juice and lots of water.  I make great salads too… See my lunch photo yesterday?  I am craving one already and it is only 7:30am!


Gonna increase my cardio exercise daily… even 15 minutes of hopscotch, hide and go seek or dancing will help burn those extra ounces I have put on lately!



Dancing is my favorite form of exercise… I love to boogie… but we go to the gym three days a week and I have to make sure I don’t miss my workouts… my hubby is more dedicated…

Hubby goes five days a week… he is being funny here, but he is my inspiration otherwise I would be sleeping in at 5am!

I should get back into my Tai-Chi, that is the best work out that gets my entire mind, body and spirit connected… after over 40 years of practice, it is time to re-commit to my “art”.

Patricia Dacanay Drury, Instructor… 1972-2012

I have been procrastinating in my own workouts, but I heard myself say it…. I am going to begin practicing my Tai-Chi today!  My health is my own, and I deserve to be as healthy as I can be, beginning now!!!

Anyone else having trouble being disciplined? I would love some support in this area…

Sunday Post: Goals

I have personal goals which are in many areas of my life, and this past year has been a growth spurt for me in my goals of photography.  I started blogging here in August, and made a commitment to myself to postaday, which I have.

My current goals are to improve my photography, purchase some new equipment and learn more about my passion of taking pictures.  I want to expand in the areas of black and white photography, macro photography and portraits, eventually.




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Jan 2 2013 A for Action!

A- Action!

Made this hat this morning after my hubby left for work… kind of like it so I think I will wear it.


I am going to be more active this year, besides photography, blogging, cooking, managing properties and our home, spending time with my hubby, and caring for his needs for work, etc., which is primary for me of course.  I have a few new goals!

I have a couple of projects in mind and will be brain storming with my friend later this evening, and I am very excited about it!  Hush, hush, can’t say just yet… but who knows?

This year is gonna be a fantastic one, I can feel it!!!