Relatively few of us will find the time…


Relatively few of us will find the time – or take it – to live an ever enlarging life.
~ Marilyn Vos Savant

When you have a thought that is not in alignment with your highest vision change to a new thought! Then and there. When you say a thing that is our of alignment with your grandest idea, make a note not to say something like that again. When you do a thing that is misaligned with your best intention, decide to make that the last time. And make it right with whoever was involved if you can.
~ Marlo Morgan

Now, having seen the differences between where you are and where you want to be, begin to change – consciously change – your thoughts, words, and actions to match your grandest vision.
~ Neale Donald Walsch


It’s all about the Truth, the Truth about me and the Truth about you is different; that doesn’t make you good and me bad, we are simply ever changing individualized creations of God. God accepts both of us as we are…so, acceptance is a spiritual tool for people and change.


More will be revealed…Way Spiritual Dave


We are all functioning at a small fraction…


We are all functioning at a small fraction of our capacity to live fully in its total meaning of loving, caring, creating and adventuring. Consequently, the actualizing of our potential can become the most exciting adventure of our lifetime.
~ Herbert Ottto

Find yourself and express yourself in your own particular way. Express your love openly. Life is nothing but a dream, and if you create your life with love, your dream becomes a masterpiece of art.
~ Don Miguel Ruiz

Man often becomes what he believes himself to be.  If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it.  On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.
~ Mahatma Gandhi


Coming to believe is an important part of living life as an adventure rather than a series of misadventures. Believe in yourself and believe in God…when those two come together, the adventure is on.


More will be revealed… Way Spiritual Dave

As a single footstep…


As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.
~ Henry David Thoreau

It is hard to let old beliefs go. They are familiar. We are comfortable with them and have spent years building systems and developing habits that depend on them. Like a man who has worn eyeglasses so long that he forgets he has them on, we forget that the world looks to us the way it does because we have become used to seeing it that way through a particular set of lenses. Today, however, we need new lenses. And we need to throw the old ones away.
~ Kenich Ohmae

Whatever your present situation, I assure you that you are not your habits. You can replace old patterns of self-defeating behavior with new patterns, new habits of the effectiveness, happiness and trust-based relationships.
~ Stephen Covey


Our path in life, directed by our mental approach, is something we selected, God didn’t do it. We can get back on the path God intended , by changing our behaviors and beliefs. ~WSD

 More will be revealed… Way Spiritual Dave




Not out of right practice comes right thinking,


Not out of right practice comes right thinking, but out of right thinking comes right practice. It matters enormously what you think. If you think falsely, you will act mistakenly; if you think basely, your conduct will suit your thinking.
~ Annie Besant
All wisdom can be stated in two lines: What is done for you – allow it to be done. What you must do yourself – make sure you do it.
~ Khawwas

Man improves himself as he follows his path; if he stands still, waiting to improve before he makes a decision, he’ll never move.
~ Paulo Coelho

My life really improved when I found myself and I found God, when the two got together…my thinking changed.


More will be revealed… Way Spiritual Dave


There is only ONE mirror.


There is only ONE mirror. The mirror inside, everything you see on the outside is a reflection of what going on in your mind, it’s a powerful tool so use wisely.
~ Victoria Grant

Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.
~ Niccol Machiavelli

Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.
~ Bernice Johnson Reagon



There is only one other discovery better than self-discovery…finding the God within.




More will be revealed…

Way Spiritual Dave




Third Step Prayer

The Third Step Prayer

God, I offer myself to Thee — to build with me and to do with me as Thou wilt. Relieve me of the bondage of self, that I may better do Thy will. Take away my difficulties, that victory over them may bear witness to those I would help of Thy Power, Thy Love, and Thy Way of life. May I do Thy will always!

Day 3 ~ “Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal.” – Author Unknown


I don’t want to take anything for granted…  including regretting the time I have left on this earth.

I have accomplished some pretty amazing feats in my recovery including finding the real me that was locked up in a floating casket on the River of Denial.

I was a Zombie, moving but not living.  Trapped in a place where I couldn’t look at who I was, who I had become and where I was going.

Thank God for God, and thank God I finally, in the depths of despair cried out to a God I did not understand, believe in, and was pretty pissed off at, for my life.

My life changed, about 10 minutes after uttering, what I now know was my cry of desperation:  “God help me I cannot live like this anymore!”   That’s when the phone rang and the only person in the world that I knew in recovery called and said… “P. are you o.k.?  Just a minute ago I had a feeling that something was wrong with you”  My first miracle…

There have been so many over the years, but to make a long story short, I have been given a second chance at life.  I have been given the gift of a loving God, loving husband, children, two amazing grandchildren, siblings that recently re-united after almost 45 years (another story), and a fellowship and sisterhood that are beyond my wildest dreams.

I get to help women who are newer in recovery by teaching them how to work the 12 steps, and how to incorporate them into their lives.  I get to love them until they learn to love themselves, like I was taught almost 30 years ago.

Back in 1983 I woke up in Cardiff by the Sea, Leucadia, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Oceanside and Del Mar, CA.  All beach towns along the North County coastal line between San Diego and Los Angeles.

The Pacific Ocean was my first Higher Power… for years, that evolved to the Fellowship that helped love me back to life, and then easily transitioned to this loving God that lives within me, dissolving all of my fears and who taught me to love and let go of my ego.

This love of life included taking photographs to help me remember the sunrises and sunsets over that magnificent Pacific Ocean… and when we moved to the desert back in 1994 the mountains and the Palm trees caught my eye.  Clouds are my rock stars!  They take the sun, shadows and light and dance with them high above me.

So today for my exercise perhaps I will check out the mountains nearby.  The best time is sunrise and sunset, because the shadows they cast bring out the life in them.

It depends on the light, if that doesn’t work, I will surprise myself and just let it flow… and whatever it is, I am stepping out of my comfort zone again today.  Baby steps…


Day 2~ Stepping out of my comfort zone…



Yesterday was not like any other day… I stepped out of my “hula hoop”, or my comfort zone as you will.  Getting out my Canon Eos and taking a dozen or so photos in my front yard, of my neighborhood.  Doesn’t sound like a big deal but for me it was.

Today I am going to attempt to follow through with my goal, not a resolution, ( def.: the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler one… ) but a goal, ( def.: the end toward which effort is directed).  I like the idea of directing my effort… sounds more natural to me.

I am even going to get in my car and drive out of my big hula hoop, my neighborhood and travel to someone else’s!  I am not suffering from agoraphobia (def.: abnormal fear of being helpless in an embarrassing or inescapable situation that is characterized especially by the avoidance of open or public places)… I just have had fear of picking up the dang thang (Canon Eos) that I wanted for so very long, and actually using it!

When I was a kid I wanted a pair of roller skates for my birthday and my dad got me a pair… you could not get me off those skates.  I would skate in a loop in our basement over and over and over with a smile on my face.  What happened between then and now?  I became, and probably was, an addict/alcoholic… all or nothing but mostly all!  I lived an un-authentic life, deceit, self-centeredness, ego, uncontrollable urges that were very destructive for 37 years of my life.

Then almost 30 years ago I found AA, I found a sponsor and women who helped me find God.  I found a fellowship that had no rules and only one requirement… and they loved me back to life using the 12 steps.  I could write about the recovery portion of my story for days, and I will later… stay tuned.

But, what I am getting at, is my need to control (Coda) has another great program that I support and supports me.  If I can’t do a thing perfect, I don’t do it.  Simple, yet not very authentic of me to turn my back on what my God does will might be for me.

You see, I intuitively know photography is good for me, and I am good at it, at the level I am and remain.  My intuition is God whispering in my ear, by the way.

I don’t trust myself to be better at it, to be smart enough to learn about it, to retain all of the vast amount of knowledge that I have found for fun and for free these last four weeks on WordPress and in the community of giving talented people (bloggers) here.

Now I have not excuse to take the next first step, do I?  Yesterday I cracked the door of willingness and took some pics outside, my next first step… go exploring and just SHOOT!

What’s that all about?

Anyone else had any experience in this area?

Any advice?

I am willing, teachable and moving forward… baby steps my friends, baby steps!Image

Photo seen on Facebook


Memo from God… author unknown

Reference: LIFE 


I am God. Today I will be handling all of your problems. Please remember that I do not need your help.
If life happens to deliver a situation to you that you cannot handle, do not attempt to resolve it. Kindly put it in the SFGTD (something for God to do) box. All situations will be resolved, but in My time, not yours.

Once the matter is placed into the box, do not hold onto it by worrying about it.  Instead, focus on all the wonderful things that are present in your life now.

If you find yourself stuck in traffic; Don’t despair. There are people in this world for whom driving is an unheard of privilege.

Should you have a bad day at work; Think of the man who has been out of work for years.

Should you despair over a relationship gone bad; Think of the person who has never known what it’s like to love and be loved in return.

Should you grieve the passing of another weekend; Think of the woman in dire straits, working twelve hours a day, seven days a week to feed her children.

Should your car break down, leaving you miles away from assistance; Think of the paraplegic who would love the opportunity to take that walk.

Should you notice a new gray hair in the mirror; Think of the cancer patient in chemo who wishes she had hair to examine.

Should you find yourself at a loss and pondering what is life all about, asking what is my purpose? Be thankful. There are those who didn’t live long enough to get the opportunity.

Should you find yourself the victim of other people’s bitterness, ignorance, smallness or insecurities; Remember, things could be worse.. You could be one of them!

Should you decide to send this to a friend; Thank you, you may have touched their life in ways you will never know!   (author unknown)