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Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss


hubby kiss


and other species… just as sweet!



I am grateful for you!

I rarely write on my blog, I post my husband’s Mind Travelers-in God we trust, almost daily, and I post my favorite photos.  Most of them taken by me and some that I treasure from others.

However, since the year is quickly coming to an end I feel the urge to speak a few words.

I have seen some very talented writers who are able to express their feelings on a multitude of topics, daily!

I admire their perspectives, whether it is my own or not.

I love the idea of free speech, and the ability of those who can paint pictures with words.

I myself have been a person who had written in a journal for many years.  I even started writing my personal autobiography years ago.  But something happened and I stopped.

I spend a lot of time sharing with other women about life, love, the pursuit of happiness, recovery, the 12 steps, spirituality, growth, honesty, love, families, career choices, kids, and I do that on a daily basis.

The time I do have to do what I love to do is usually spent with a camera or my iPhone in my hand pursuing the images that exemplify how I am feeling at the moment.

I love to tell stories with my photos, and I have been amazed that a few of you enjoy them almost as much as me.

My goals have been to learn how to take better photos, and I have some amazing teachers on WordPress, and several of you share so freely with me every day.  Thank you for your support! You encourage me to continue on my journey.

I wish a peaceful, creative and continued support to you as we share our individual talents with each other.  I love being a part of this family.

You cheer me on, and share that personal piece of yourselves with me very unselfishly.

For that I am truly grateful.

I look forward to getting to know more of you, and I love the friends I have made here on my blog and on yours.





Weekly Travel Theme

Let’s go round in circles… Stevie Wonder


Cahuilla Park, Palm Desert, CA


Our 39 Dodge hotrod “Way Blue”


Ant pushing water droplet


My moon


Street art


Squished tumbleweed by Mother Nature, Lake Powell

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Travel Theme: Mystical

What is mystical to me?  Mother Nature in all her glory.


with her twists and turns in her creations



her creatures of many colors…


sand and wind formations…


and physical feats of mystic movement…


and a solar eclipse

I am in awe of the Grace around me, if I open my eyes and “SEE”

For more examples of the Mystical theme please check out this link below:



Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Green is so easy and should be a colorful, filled week of examples:

To start with, a succulent in my garden…



and then…


some of my favorite icons on my iPhone which I use constantly!


Proud momma on my son’s wedding day!!!


Fertile palm ready to go…

And last but not least… my twin palms…


taken in my front yard.  These are my pet palms… aren’t they adorable?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

New growth, regeneration in the midst of the barren desert sand and debris:


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Skies of gold