Happy, Healthy and In Love!

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Jan 1.2013 Looking back with gratitude, forward with hope…


Jan 1, 2013 early morning sunrise with iPhone

As I look back at the past year I realize I have taken some pretty big strides toward my “bucket list”… I only call it that because everyone knows what that is.

  • I vowed to pick up my camera and start taking pictures, check!
  • I vowed to start posting to a blog daily to share my favorite photos, and thoughts, check!
  • I vowed to be of service to others by carrying the message, check!
  • I vowed to re-connect with my long lost siblings after almost 40 years, check!
  • I vowed to step out of my comfort zone by setting up a family Facebook page, check!

Now here it is 2013 and I am pondering how I want to grow this year.

  • I want to master the use of my camera and not count on blind ass luck
  • I want to exercise more
  • I want to creatively collaborate with my friend to start a new secret artistic project (we are sworn to secrecy until we choose our method)
  • I want to rewrite my children’s book

That’s a good start, and as the year progresses I know my list will evolve.

For me saying out loud what my heart is feeling is the beginning of the manifestation of dreams.

Look out 2013… here I come!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy (Healthy and In Love)

Doing the Happy Dance!!!

Love this topic since my byline is:

Happy, Healthy and In Love!

Here are my family, friends and home, who make me the most happy:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Living At the Street Fair

College of the Desert (COD) in Palm Desert holds this neighborhood street fair every weekend, this is a slow day but the strawberry watermelon smoothie was the best! Sunshine, mountain views, music, food, shopping and people watching!




Headless at the Fair


Shade of all shapes




Jewels of the desert via iPhone


Today’s been a great day all around, finally got to download my nature hike pics from my iPhone.  Like some of them a lot.  Thank you God for the jewels I got to bring home with me… I am truly grateful to be so lucky!

Taken with Camera +.  What do you think?  Any input for me?



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Jewels of the desert…part one

Taken this morning, hot off the press… so excited about this day… walking through my fears, with JOY!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far Rear view and beyond

Taken with my iPhone on a road trip… the clouds were dancing in the skies on this day…

rear view and beyond



Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far- My twin palms


My twin palms located in my front yard are my favorite subjects.  They seem to change personalities with the light and shadows of the day.

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P’s Practice pics 9.8.12 part 6


Have been out of town this week so I got busy this morning and “Walked through my fears” with my little Canon T3 and my 50mm lens… just the three of us watched the sun play on the horizon and in my neighborhood… dancing light of the sunrise, magnifying the grace of God!  I am really loving this path of enlightenment.  Going out to see what I can see… won’t you join me?  I feel like a kid in a candy store… and it has been a long time coming…

Thanks to those of you who take the time to send me a word of encouragement, it really means a lot!


This is the first group of five I took… more to come…


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Get out there and SEE…

If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.  ~Lawrence J. Peter

ImageYes, I have been taking pictures every day… from our home in Borrego Springs… so I don’t have my computer to edit or download… using hubby’s computer… I actually have taken a lot of pictures.  My camera is my new best friend, and I have been carrying my little Olympus point and shoot in my purse… so much to see!!!!

Mother Nature is so abundant with her glory… providing captivating images as if on a carousel… never stationary, always changing and evolving into something magnificent as the sun and moon rise and set.  Casting shadows and light on everything in sight!  All I need to do is (as my friend Linda J. says) SEE.  Bring the body and the miracles unfold…

I am excited and inspired.

Thanks for your continued support.


Spent the day moving… (yawn!)


My husband and I finished the move from the rented condo to the home we own in Borrego Springs.  Our tenant moved out last month and it didn’t make sense to rent the condo any longer.

We lived in our home back in 1994-1997 before we moved to Palm Desert… and have leased it to others since then.  It is a three bedroom, two bath and he was living in a one bedroom condo for a few months… now he has a garage to tinker in, and lots of room to roam about.

I go to stay there once a week for a day or two… but we maintain our full time residence in P.D.

We are blessed to have choices.

I miss him being home every night, but we are grateful for the awesome job he has as the QA/QC manager for a 200 acre solar project.

I will go back to Borrego tomorrow to meet with Larry the Cable Guy, just kidding, don’t know his name LOL.

Taking my camera tomorrow so I can take some photos for my challenge.

Missed a day and look forward to getting back on the horse tomorrow.


His RumbleBee on the job site.


You can see the posts that will hold the Solar arrays in a line thru the fence… thousands of them!!! 200 acres worth!